About Us

Who We Are?

CROPCART is an endeavor started by a woman entrepreneur who had faced the dilemma of getting stuck up between household chores and business. It was initiated after thorough surveys conducted socially on housewives and working women who faced the same problem. The women are used to buying groceries from shops or superstores once or twice in a month but green groceries(vegetables and fruits) could not be purchased like this. So they had to go to vegetable markets or Mandis or to Vegetable and fruit vendors to purchase the bi-weekly or weekly requirements for their homes. The problems faced by them were identified and it was observed that there was a deep concern about freshness, price, and availability for the same. Moreover, there were many hardships involved while purchasing these essential commodities. If they purchased it from Rehri walas there was price factor and time involved, if it was purchased from Apni Mandis, the issues of carrying the bag all over the crowded unhygienic market with dust all over the place and people from all walks of life moving around are always a cause of concern. Though there are 2-3 options of ordering online also but personal touch and sensitivity of buying totally fresh and clean veggies was still an issue. Besides all this, even the smallest concerns of the size of veggies and fruits and their quality have always been a point of dissatisfaction.On this social thought, this startup has been launched which is going to provide fresh veggies and fruits, duly washed and properly packed and delivered at your doorstep at the push of a button. For the health conscious, the option of buying organic dry commodities and organic vegetables has been provided. For the working class where time is a constraint, chopped vegetables, shelled peas, fresh ginger garlic paste, etc are also being provided on one platform. Moreover, for get-togethers and functions at home, a bulk purchase option has also been provided.For restaurants and food joints, A bulk purchase option at more competitive prices has been given so that they also do not have to purchase and store the veggies.Another special feature offered in the start-up is an I.O.U payment option in which you have an option of paying for the order in the next order or within the next 15 days. Other simpler payment options such as Pay on delivery through cash or card or paytm etc have also been offered. Besides the above, the option of “select your time slot” or “Express delivery” for delivery has also been provided. All this is with a guarantee that any problem faced in any order will be attended to immediately. Rest assured that our purchases are also done in the same manner as if we are buying for ourselves so as to negate any chances of difference in quality.Our endeavor is to provide a service which is comfortable for all and all efforts have been taken to provide ease of buying fresh, at the best price and in the best manner and we are and will always be open to new suggestions and ideas to enable us to serve you according to your comfort.

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